Lebanese volunteers with the Mission of Hope and Charity distribute items on a regular basis to refugees living outside of the refugee camps

Most NeededĀ Items

and estimated cost per individual per month



Infant Care


Medical Care


Warm Clothing


Hygiene Supplies


Blankets & Sleeping Mats


What is donated to refugee families in Lebanon each month?

These refugees are living with Lebanese Christians, not in refugee camps and are not receiving medical assistance through the UNHCR.

Total per family cost: $50

  • Cheese Block 120g
  • President Cheese 8 pcs
  • White Tuna 185g
  • While bell Sardine 125g
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Foodland beef luncheon meat
  • Hage Tissue 500g
  • Soap 100g
  • Soya oil
  • Olive oil 500 ml
  • Globus Tomato paste 300g
  • American Ritz 1Kg
  • Lentils 1Kg
  • Groats (Borghul)