Same Sex Marriage Laws Threaten Religious Freedoms in Australia

Advocates say the issue is most urgent in Tasmania, where several Christians have already fallen foul of the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act, including Catholic Archbishop Julian Porteous, who was taken to a tribunal in 2015 for advocating traditional marriage. Some Coalition MPs and church leaders have begun lobbying for religious freedoms to be legislated alongside same-sex…

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Al-Shabaab Just Beheaded Victims Who Refused to Convert to Islam; Dead Include Mentally Disabled

Yesterday we reported that Al-Shabaab killed 4 people in Kenya last week. Today reports from says the dead were a 17-year old Catholic boy, Kadenge Katana, and a church elder, Joseph Kasena, along with the elder’s brother. Witnesses report that the three were killed after the 17 year old and the elder refused to…

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Where is Christian persecution the worst?